Sample Healthcare Essays On Ebola Outbreak

Homework Question on Ebola Outbreak

  1. Watch the video “Outbreak” on PBS and answer the following questions:
  2. What is suspected to have started the outbreak?
  3. What two diseases was Ebola initially mistaken for?
  4. What did past experiences indicate were the three best ways to contain Ebola?
  5. Name three reasons why the Ebola epidemic spread and was not contained (there are many more than three reasons, and they are given throughout the video, but you only need to name three). These can be related to social, cultural, political, or economic conditions.
  6. How much of a case increase does Tom Frieden, the director of the CDC, say that each month of delay in assistance from the U.S. would cause?
  7. Should wealthy countries provide assistance to poorer countries to help fight infectious disease? Why or why not?  this is the link of video:

Homework Answer on Ebola Outbreak

Ebola outbreak was suspected to have started after a consumption of bats that had been gathered from the forest by young boys. Nobody can tell whether that was the cause. However, villagers suspect that was where it all began. Local nurses initially mistook it to be either cholera or malaria for three months. Experience indicated that the best three ways to contain Ebola were to isolate the sick as well as monitor anyone how they had contact with the infected and only bury the dead.

Ebola epidemic spread very fast, and some factors hindered its control. First, there were the traditional cultural rituals performed by the local communities. Villagers performed burial rituals to the dead, which exposed them to the virus because of contact with the infected. Second, the ministry of health employed politics on Ebola control. They assigned a private company with the task of controlling it spread despite it inexperience on the situation instead of assigning it to doctors without borders. Limited resources were the other factor. The resources involved were the medical and financial resources.

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Tom Frieden says that each month of delay in assistance from the U.S. would triple the rate at which Ebola was spreading. Wealthy countries should provide developing countries with the help in fighting infectious diseases. There is need for rich nations to take care since ubiquitous health is meant for the interest of all as well as enlightening every one the right thing to do. On national interest, helping the poor makes everyone safer and more secure.