Sample Healthcare Essays On Decision Making and Behavior Change

Homework Question on Decision Making and Behavior Change

  • Discuss the importance of personal decision making and behavior change in achieving wellness? Give three examples with supporting details. Discussion Board Best Practices Before writing a single word, make sure you have prepared yourself by doing any course work required — reading, assignments, research, etc. Read the discussion posting directions carefully.
  • What is it you are being asked to comment on? Make sure you know what you are supposed to write about. Sometimes it is a personal response, sometimes it is a chance to absorb the material by restating the ideas presented in the reading, and sometimes the discussion board is a combination of ideas. Think about your point.
  • What is it you want to say to your fellow classmates and your professor? Try to limit yourself to the topic and make sure your point is relevant.

Homework Answer on Decision Making and Behavior Change

The past lessons and learning on administrative law were significant as they improved my understanding on the various legal and political aspects in the society.  For instance, I was able to learn the understanding differences between the concepts of democracy and a republic.  Many learners and people may confuse the two concepts. I discovered that a republic involves the process of people of choosing their leaders who have the responsibility to make laws.

On the other hand, a democracy describes a situation in which people elects leaders that uses the existing laws to enhance governance and leadership in the society. In addition, I was exposed the various legal theories and models that directs the application of the various administrative concepts. For instance, I was exposed to two main theories that explain the nature of the relationship between the federal and the state includes dual federalism and hierarchical federalism.

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Hall (2010) also exposed me to the two main constitutional provisions that facilitate the expansion of federal power. First, the supremacy clause indicates that the federal rules are extreme rules of the land. The second provisions are the commerce clause that has the power to regulate the trade with foreign countries. Most importantly, I was able to understand the horizontal separation of power within the three branches of the government including the executive, legislature and the judiciary.