Sample Healthcare Essays On Creatine Dietary Supplement

Homework Question on Creatine Dietary Supplement

  • Pick a dietary supplement and do some research on it. You can pick any supplement you wish except a multivitamin. This supplement can be an herbal supplement, sports supplement, protein supplement, etc… When reading about this supplement, make sure to look at reputable websites or resources such as:, PubMed, the USDA National Agricultural Library,Medline, Council for Responsible Nutrition (CPN), National Institutes of Health (NIH), Institute of Medicine (IOM) or the Human Performance Research Center (HPRC).
  • Specifically, you should be prepared to discuss:
  1. What your supplement is and what it claims to do,
  2. Which population is your supplement intended for (endurance athletes, older adults, pregnancy, anybody),
  3. If there is any scientific evidence for its effectiveness, and if so, please cite a reference,
  4. Your concluding thoughts about the use of this supplement – Do you think it’s worth the money? How much does it cost? Would you take it? Would you recommend it?

Homework Answer on Creatine Dietary Supplement

Creatine supplement has emerged as the top efficient supplement particularly for those engaged in the high-intensity activity. For those athlete using creatine supplements, it has proved effectiveness among 80% of these users. This particular supplement is bought in flavored powders, and during usage it is mixed with liquid, which can be water, energy drinks or healthy refreshing drinks like juice (Willoughby and Rosene, 7).

For the sports that follow the guidelines for its usage, their bodies’ ability to increase energy increases rapidly. The increased power enables the athletes to train harder and more often, and with this, faster results are achieved. There is some scientific research evidence that have shown that creatine has a lot of effectiveness when it comes to matters pertaining high-intensity training as well as explosive exercises.

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Among these are weight training and sports that demand short bursts of energy all across sprinting, football and volleyball among others. As a result of its osmotic activeness, it withdraws waters particles from the athlete/sportsman’s muscle cells and in turn this leads to an increase in the general process of protein synthesis. The process of creative consumption increases the growth of fibers among its users.