Sample Healthcare Essays On Conflicts of Interest

Homework Question on Conflicts of Interest

  • Provide TWO specific real cases of a conflict of interest that have occurred in the past for an employee of the federal government or an official governing a health care organization.
  1. Identify the source of the regulation or the ethical standard. Pick a state.
  2. Would someone be able to report this conflict of interest under state or federal law?
  3. What organizational entity would mediate the conflict of interest.

Homework Answer on Conflicts of Interest

In many health care organizations, there usually exist various conflicts of interests due to their diversity. The two examples show some real cases of a conflict of interests for officials governing a health care organization. A real case in California, two nurses did not agree on the right process to treat a patient. This disagreement led to a negative impact on the medical condition of the patient. This case indicates conflicts of interests due to different opinions on same aspect (Boyle et al, 2004).

Another example in California, two medical doctors had personal issues that affected their professionalism in the hospital. These examples show that conflicts can occur due to personal differences that cause total disagreements between two individuals. The source of the regulation in occurrences of conflicts of interests in health care organization is the medical professional codes of conduct. The codes of conduct provide relevant rules and regulations applicable in California legal framework. The codes of conduct require health professionals to maintain high ethical standards (Gabel, 2001).

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This seeks to provide relevant guidance in respect to the appropriate process of health care provision. Employees’ conflicts are handled within the codes, as they comply with the laws and regulations in the health sector.According to the U.S federal law, the conflicts of interests in health care organizations can be reported under state and federal laws. The medical professionals are required to comply with the codes of conducts and regulations that form part of the federal legal framework. In case of any conflicts of interest in health care organizations, they can be taken to court under the state and federal laws (Davies, Nutley & Mannion, 2000).