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Homework Question on Compassionate Care at ABC Hospital

  • You are CEO of ABC Hospital. Recently, a community patient satisfaction survey was sent to ABC’s patients asking about their ideal hospital setting. Many patients wrote that they wanted a balance of physical, emotional, and spiritual attention as part of their care. You have been working closely with a physician leadership team and a community advisory board to develop an outpatient center that incorporates integrative healing therapies and a broad array of medical services to meet the needs of the community.
  1. How will you ensure that your outpatient center has the three desired components: compassionate care, patient
  2. Centered care, and a healing environment?
  3. What types of programs and services will you provide?
  • *Use as many sources as needed

Homework Answer on Compassionate Care at ABC Hospital

Am the CEO of ABC hospital and currently working with community advisory board and the physician leadership team to enhance patient satisfaction in our hospital setting. My responsibility is to coordinate with the two groups to meet the three desired components that are essential in our hospital. Majority of patients are interested in having a balanced physical care, spiritual and emotional attention. To fulfill their needs, my duty as a CEO is to instill compassionate care, ensure that there is patient centered care and enhance a healing environment.

Compassionate Care at ABC Hospital

It is vital for patients to experience compassionate care as they access our medical services. I will ensure that ABC hospital practices compassionate care via the staff. For instance, medical practioners in this hospital will start to deliver services with perfection as if they are doing for themselves or their families (Clark, 2010). Compassion is an element that entails emotional response, kindness, and generosity.

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This implies that professionals including main and support staff who come into contact with patients will always be honest and appreciate the common core of humanity. In addition, the staff will enhance compassionate care by adopting the art of communication and empathy. As a result, this will improve the outcome at ABC hospital by fulfilling desires of patients.