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Homework Question on Comparative Analysis Healthcare Systems

  • Only between 3000–3500 words. Introduction and conclusion both of them just half page. See the example I mean the assignment which I sent as example.
  •  Could you make it like the example which I sent? Please make it as same as you can or do not do it.
  •  Use online eBooks for the references with the link.
  • Prepare an article for publication which is a comparative analysis of three different health systems.
  •  In your article you should address the following:
  1. Compare and contrast the design and functioning of the three different health systems.
  2. Explain why they are different.
  3. Comparatively evaluate the three systems utilising a comparative analytical framework.
  4. Evaluate proposals for reform in each of the systems.
  • You have to write about these healthcare system:
  • First, Australian healthcare system.
  • Second, japan healthcare system.
  • Last, Saudi Arabia healthcare system. (You have already that healthcare system in the example which I sent it to you but make sure you need to paraphrase all that you take).

Homework Answer on Comparative Analysis Healthcare Systems


A healthcare system refers to the way the country, state, or society has organized its resources, institutions, and people to provide healthcare needs to its population.  Every country has a special healthcare policy depending upon many factors, and one of them being the economy of the country. Countries, such as Saudi Arabia have rich oil resources and the economy is strong to support the healthcare system through the ministry of health.

In most cases, healthcare services are provided by both the private players and the government, especially in cases whereby the population is large to be handled by one player (Alonazi, 2013). Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Japan have unique healthcare systems with similarities as well as dereferences. The dereferences and similarities can be deduced in terms of charges passed to the citizens, area of responsibilities, and the capacity of the private and public citizens.  The similarities and differences are as a result of religion, politics, population, and size of the area.

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This paper will compare and contrast the healthcare systems of Japan, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. The paper will further explain why these healthcare systems are different and evaluate them based on efficiency, equity, and effectiveness. The paper will also evaluate the proposals for reforms in the healthcare systems of these three countries.