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  1. What do you know about Chronic conditions, ages 18+: US, 1998-2012 ?

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Chronic Conditions are on record to have affected individuals for a long time more than any other illness. They cannot be prevented by vaccination or medication. However, they can be avoided and managed to reduce severity. This research paper narrows down to cancer and cardiovascular conditions, which were the top two leading causes of death in the United States (Coulston, 2001).Labarthe (2011) acknowledged cardiovascular diseases as the then leading cause of deaths in the US. Heart diseases were attributed to sedentary lives, use of tobacco and poor nutritional habits.

Modification of these risk factors would consequently result in prevention and help in the management of heart diseases such as cardiac arrest and arteriosclerosis. These conditions were associated with high costs of illness to both the victim and the US government.McTiernan noted cancer as the second leading cause of deaths in the US (2005).Cancer attacks body organs such as the rectum, lung, stomach, and breast. Tissues that failed to regulate their size due to the formation, selection, expansion and progression of clones of changed cells caused cancer. Cancer had no cure but could be managed through palliative care.

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People exposed to risk factors and carcinogens like tobacco were most likely to develop cancer. This disease could be prevented by avoiding such risk factors and regularly exercising (McTiernan, 2005).Health promotion was critical in both preventing and managing chronic illnesses (Coulston, 2001). This could be achieved through behavior change communication to adapt to healthy lifestyles. In addition, regular physical body exercise and proper nutrition could also reduce the incidences and prevalence of chronic conditions.