Sample Healthcare Essays On Career

Homework Question on Career


  • This essay is to be written on the career you have chosen.
  • It is to be two pages (minimum) and double spaced.
  • The paper needs to include the following:
  • Why you have chosen this career
  • Duties of this career (i.e. what skills, etc will you be performing on a routine basis)
  • Salaries (national, state and local comparison)
  • Job market in Houston (or in whatever city you plan to work once you graduate)
  • Advancement opportunities
  • Educational requirements
  • Specialties in the field
  • Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) requirements for re-licensure

Homework Answer on Career

My choice of the career of a Surgical Technician has two foundations. First, the scope of its activities matches with my character because I like helping, caring for and working with people of all backgrounds. The job of a surgical technician is noble because it involves caring for the sick through preparation of patients for surgical procedures and offering assistance in surgical environments (AST Document 1). Secondly, it is much enjoyable, busy, educative and safe because the medical field is essential for population health.

The medical field, generally, is indispensable and there are always opportunities for professionals because of the continuous need for health services. Surgical technicians interact with many people and professionals from different backgrounds each day, making the job enjoyable, interesting and extremely educative in terms of experience and learning new things The duties of a surgical technician involve working under the delegated authority and supervision of surgeons as members of operating room teams.

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They prepare patients for surgical procedures, prepare operating rooms, organize surgical instruments and equipment and assist during surgeries. They also anticipate surgeons’ needs, provide medications and solutions, handle tissue specimens and dressings and take precautions to prevent infections during surgical procedures. On a routine basis, I shall be applying therapeutic, diagnostic,teamwork, interpersonal, organization and communication skills.