Sample Healthcare Essays On Behavior Modification

Homework Question on Behavior Modification

  • Create a comprehensive study defining your personal choice of the personality theory you identified in the Week Three assignment. In a six- to eight-page paper, respond to the following:
  1. Provide three detailed examples of how this theory would be used in the application of skills and techniques, communication, basic problem-solving, ethnic diversity, and establishing and using the helping relationship.
  2. Describe, in detail beyond the outline, how your theory choice fulfills the genetic, social, and individual factors that create the total personality.
  3. Describe, in detail beyond the outline, the origin principles, and assessment of validity and utility with regard to your particular personality theory.
  4. Expand upon your assessment of ways in which the culture, ethnicity, gender, and social status of the theorist influenced the theory.
  • Must use at least four scholarly resources

Homework Answer on Behavior Modification

 The traits theory of personality is based on its arguments to determine the behaviors of individuals. The traits theory was dependent on various dimensions that were continuous. Some of the traits include extraversion and introversion that indicates persons would respond to the various circumstances faced in life. The different traits could be organized into three classification including cardinal, central and the secondary traits.

The cardinal traits are appropriate in dominating and shaping the actions and behavior of individuals. The traits theory of personality has sixteen dimensions that describe the personality of person in the society. Some of the dimensions include stability, dominance, openness to change, and vigilance among others (DeRue, Nahrgang, Wellman, & Humphrey, 2011).

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The personality traits were depicted in the different social and personal situations in the society.  Thus, the behaviors of persons are determined by their characteristics.  There are various examples on how the personality theory can be used in the selection and recruitment of employees in the organizations. In order to obtain the right candidates, the company must be certain of their qualifications and experience. Thus, the selection of employees identifies the right candidates promoting the application of skills and techniques, effective problem solving as well as creating strong relationships (Ewen & Ewen, 2014).