Sample Healthcare Essays On Advanced Health Technology

Homework Question on Implementation of Advanced Health Technology

  1. Discuss at least two barriers that can prevent the implementation of advanced health technology throughout the globe, particularly in under developed countries.
  2. What impact has the internet had on the global marketplace?
  3. Has global health care benefited from this technology?
  4. Are there barriers?
  5. If so, what are they? Support your answer with credible sources.
  • Citation must be in proper APA format (both in-text and reference entries).       

Homework Answer on Implementation of Advanced Health Technology


Human beings have taken a great leap when it comes to technology. The modern world has taken a different direction from how things were done in the past; everything is becoming increasingly digital and machinated. Modern technology has been enhanced to boost functionality and efficiency in basically all sectors. Currently, most of the functions that were done manually before have been taken over by computer operated machines.

Primarily, there is no denying the fact that technology has been of great help to the people of the world. The healthcare sector has benefited in many ways from the use of advanced medical equipment. Technology has completely revolutionized the health sector in a positive direction, something that has been welcomed in most parts of the world (Anderson, Frogner, Johns & Reinhardt, 2006).

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More and more sophisticated equipment meant for treatment is invented on a daily basis. However, this rate of development does not match the spread of this technology around the world. There are barriers that exist to prevent the implementation of advanced technology in some parts of the world and countries.One of the major obstacles that inhibit the development of high impact technology in hospitals, especially for the third world countries, is the initial cost (Anderson, Frogner, Johns & Reinhardt, 2006).