Sample Healthcare Case Studies On Evaluating Health Insurance Plans

Homework Question on Evaluating Health Insurance Plans

  • Your company is considering changing the health insurance plan it offers for its employees. Several plans have been submitted for the company’s consideration.
  • Each proposal describes who will be covered, what procedures will be covered, and at what level the insurance provider will compensate the insured parties.
  • You have been asked to evaluate these plans for your company.
  • Discuss at least two criteria other than the cost of premiums that you would use to evaluate these plans and make a recommendation to your company.

Homework Answer on Evaluating Health Insurance Plans

Majority of employers offer health coverage to their workers, which is in line with the new rules on healthcare provision. Employees have numerous health insurance plans to make choices from, based on the benefits accrued from the plans. Thus, companies strive to look for what is desirable to their workers before agreeing on any commitment. Many companies pay too much attention on the cost of premiums and forget about other essential factors that determine the suitability health insurance plans.

Although several aspects of health insurance have changed since 2014, most companies prefer private health insurance, which offers variety of services.The choice of health insurance providers is critical for any company, as some of the insurance providers offer limited services. In this case, the company should select an insurance firm that offers numerous benefits to employees, including their spouses, and domestic workers.

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The new Affordable Care Act (ACA) regulations have created concern over physician shortage, as well as decreased access to health care services (Abbott 14). Thus, the company should endeavor to enhance easy access to health care providers. If the company, or its employees, does not benefit from the choice of insurance, it can shift to a different insurance, which offer the best options. The response to customer needs should be considered while making the choice of health insurance.