Sample HealthCare Article Review Paper on The Benefits of Health Information Technology

Topic: The Benefits of Health Information Technology

 “The Benefits of Health Information Technology” is a peer-reviewed research article written in 2011 and published in the Health Affairs periodical. Moreover, the authors of the article, who were also the researchers in the article, are Melinda Buntin, Mathew Burke, Michael Hoaglin, and David Blumenthal. Nonetheless, the article is a description of a retrospective quantitative research conducted in 2010. Furthermore, the aim of the research was to determine the impact of electronic record keeping systems on the efficiency and quality of record keeping in the American health sector (Buntin, Burke, Hoaglin, & Blumenthal, 2011).

Besides, during the research, the researchers sampled an initial 2,692 research articles of between 2007 and 2010 that had information relating to the topic of study. After that, they eliminated the articles that lacked a direct relationship with the research topic until they remained with 231 articles after the third round of sampling. To ensure the complete representation of the study variables, the researchers categorized the sampled articles according to their study designs, care setting, the criteria the study used, the IT components they evaluated and the results they yielded (Buntin, Burke, Hoaglin, & Blumenthal, 2011).

Despite the article’s bias against publishing negative outcomes, the study results showed that 92% of reviewed articles acknowledged the influence of information technology on improving health care. Further, the technology improved the efficiency of information storage and retrieval. Besides, it increased the quality of patient information storage besides giving record keepers satisfaction (Buntin, Burke, Hoaglin, & Blumenthal, 2011).

Nevertheless, the article is an important illumination on the impact of electronic information keeping methods in American health institutions since its introduction in 2009. It also gives a review of other scholar’s findings and opinions on the topic, thereby providing a diversified evaluation of the technology. Lastly, the article gives important information on areas that have not attained the set standard under the program, providing a relevant and focused strategy for future interventions.


Buntin, M. B., Burke, M. F., Hoaglin, M. C., & Blumenthal, D. (2011). The Benefits of Health Information Technology: A Review of the Recent Literature Shows Predominantly Positive Results. Health Affairs30(3), 464-471. doi:10.1377/hlthaff.2011.0178