Sample Health Care Research Paper Summary on How Healthcare Reform Will Affect the Cost of Prescription Drugs

How Healthcare Reform Will Affect the Cost of Prescription Drugs

Changes made in the health care sector generally intercept into individual lives. Reforms in the healthcare sector are always aimed at improving service delivery in this sector. The sector comprises of public healthcare facilities and privately owned facilities. The public sector has the potential of being affected most by reforms. However, it is shown that changes that affect the public sector also affect the private healthcare facilities in equal measure. This is because through reforms such as reduction of costs, negative impacts such as reduction of prescription qualities are felt in the public healthcare centers.

In addition to this, some of the people still seek assistance from privately owned healthcare facilities. The impacts of healthcare reforms are mainly experienced through the changes in the national healthcare. Some of the programs such as the Affordable Care Act of the US have the objectives of improving the lives of the citizens. For instance, this Act was aimed at ensuring that all individuals who would otherwise have limited access to healthcare and health insurance accessed healthcare at limited costs.

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPAC) was aimed at improving the affordability and quality of healthcare standards across the nation. This was to be achieved through the stipulations of the Act which also highlighted the need for accountability in the healthcare sector. Based on an approximated population, the Act stipulates minimum payments for all citizens to ensure that certain essential services are accessed without over-weighing the government with the expenses. This is because it was realized that the increasing cost of healthcare could make healthcare services unaffordable for some citizens. The government, through this act, aims at improving healthcare. The act is founded on some few components which include quality and affordability improvement and development of programs to help in the prevention of chronic diseases.

The PPAC Act is aimed at making healthcare affordable through providing a affordable health insurance cover. The country works together with the public healthcare sector, the private healthcare providers and the patients with the objective of improving the quality of healthcare services. Through the provisions of the Act, the implementation is to be carried out without increasing the cost of premiums paid by the citizens to the health insurance providers. In this aspect, the government works based on public inclusion principles where all citizens are expected to be part of the strategic reformation plan and subsequently to remain within the bounds of coverage by the government.  In enforcing this act, the operations of the public healthcare systems have to be bounded by the government policies in order to ensure alignment with government objectives. The key challenge that faces implementing the PPAC is the fact that there is always conflict between the management and the implementation objectives.

The issue in management is that the provision of free healthcare services discourages the service providers leading to over prescription and lack of provision of quality healthcare services. The management teams have to comply with government regulations on budgetary allocations for the healthcare services. The budget proposed by the healthcare sector cannot go beyond the government allocations. This makes it even more challenging as the federal budgets have to be matched to the local budgets. In conclusion, reforms in the healthcare sector are all aimed at raising healthy citizens and reducing the pressure on the public.


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