Sample Health Care Research Paper Summary on Current Trends in Medical Billing

Current Trends in Medical Billing

Technological advancements have made it possible to carry out electronic billing in the healthcare sector. The electronic billing system is deemed appropriate due to the associated cost reductions as well as the improved efficiency and ease of claim reimbursement. In the nursing sector, the ease of electronic billing makes it possible to engage clients more directly into the system. The billing service providers also engage in activities that encourage the patients to use the electronic billing system. Services such as paper statement print outs and telephone call follow ups are critical to the process. The system is expected to continue expanding. Currently, more than 300 billion USD have been projected to be spent in the 2016 on online consumer spending. The billing service providers are currently embracing bigger and better technologies to meet customer requirements in the online system. The billing services also encourage many people who prefer the online mode of billing (Lohr et al., 2010).

Other prompt payment options such as prompt discounts, personal incentives plan and least payment plans have all enhanced the effectiveness of the online billing system. Although the growth of the system began long ago, the key challenge with it was interoperability. The consolidation of the billing systems has however increased the simplicity with which online billing can be achieved. Administrative interoperability and integration of systems enable the service providers and to increase efficiency. This is by increasing the automation of most of the processes such as streamlining employment training and to simplify compliance requirements. The increased use of electronic billing in the country has led most of the service providers to take advantage of private cloud networks (Wickramasinghe et al., 2007).



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