Sample Health Care Research Paper on Current Health Issue that may Affect Armstrong State Students

            Students from Armstrong State Campus are among billions of people in the world susceptible to illnesses. Some of these diseases are very severe that unless they are intervened they might cause grave dangers. Today, many different types of abnormal causes of cancer are affecting people from childhood and become a distress to many persons during their adulthood. This paper will conduct some research on gastric (stomach) cancer in children and the way its health intervention may benefit students from Armstrong State Campus and the surrounding areas.

Stomach Cancer

            Gastric or stomach cancer is one of the two cancers of the abdomen that affect people at a young age. According to Iwabu et al., the effect of stomach cancer is made severe by an infection from a bacterium, called Helicobacter pylori, found in the stomach (3085-3087). Most signs and symptoms are identifiable when the disease has spread. The symptoms include anemia, stomach pains, loss of appetite, weight loss, and nausea. This disease is treatable and can be prevented. On the contrary, if the disease is discovered when it has spread, it might be a challenge to treat it, which is why it should be treated earlier. People from the area around Armstrong State Campus, especially the students should come up with health campaigns convenient to bring awareness to the people about the dangers of the disease. 

            To create awareness about the ailment, students may reach people through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and others. Here, they may show details of the disease and possible ways of preventing it. They might reveal the known signs and symptoms and when they show. Apart from social media, students may reach people through picture awareness. They could get pictures showing people suffering from this disease; indicate possible ways of prevention and treatment. This is a better way to reach people since not everyone is on social media. In addition, flyers could also be used to address the same issue. Use of flyers might be challenging since a strategy has to be made on how to distribute them. Students may hand them to people in the streets or they may decide to go door to door.

            Once this awareness is made, people from the institution and the neighborhood will benefit, in that, they will be informed about gastric cancer, its symptoms, treatment, and possible ways of prevention. As documented by Iwabu et al., this will reduce the rate at which the illness develops protecting people from its danger (3085-3087). Therefore, people will not lose their loved ones and they will not succumb to the disease. They will not spend a lot of money treating their loved ones. This way, people will be healthy and the state will develop.

            It is always important to identify current health problems that affect people from their areas. This way, like discussed above, people will prevent loss of life and over-usage of capital. Such areas will grow and develop since people are healthy. The government should fund any organization that shows interest in informing the public about present health issues. Once people have been informed about these diseases, they should be ready to take the right measures to prevent their outbreak.

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