Sample Health Care Research Paper Summary: Analysis of Current and Future Challenges of Healthcare Sector

Analysis of Current and Future Challenges of Healthcare Sector

With 8- 15 percent budgetary allocation in every countries economy, the healthcare sector forms one of the most influential sectors in contemporary times. The sector attracts many professionals such as physicians, nurses and therapists among others. This group of professionals is influential in the society hence considered with utmost respect. In the last 15 years, there have been tremendous infrastructural changes in the healthcare sector leading to challenges particularly in leadership and management of the sector.

Because of these challenges, the performance in these areas impacts both the social and political environment. One of the key challenges in recent time has to do with demographic shift in healthcare patterns. Due to longer life expectancy levels, there has been a rise in the percentage of elderly patients, resulting in pressure for the sector. The number of chronic infections is also rising due to exposure to physical and social conditions that expose people to sicknesses (Buchen 65).

Additionally, the changes in consumer expectations also pose a challenge to the healthcare sector. This is because people are continually changing their expectations towards services that suit their needs. The challenge in this is that it jeopardizes the future effectiveness of healthcare, placing the healthcare management in a fix due to the inability to make choices freely. The global economic recession coupled with high cost of living have also led to increased costs in the healthcare sector which is a challenge to healthcare management. Moreover, the high costs in other economic sectors also escalate healthcare costs resulting in inefficiencies (Field 82). The challenges have the potential of limiting future effectiveness in the sector hence there is need to address them satisfactorily.

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