Sample Health Care Paper on Obesity Prevention Program

Conduct a health promotion program to prevent or delay the onset of type 2 diabetes in the United Arab Emirates. The program will be used in Emirates Health Services Facilities (A governmental entity).

Please include the following and use data, statistics, and research. Benchmark with other GCC countries if there are similar programs thus similar program can be used.

Please include the following:
– Project Relevance/ Need
– Project Description
– Goal of the prevention program
– Objectives of the program
– Target Audience
– Approaches
– Use a health model (ecological , logical, etc.. whatever suits)
– Stakeholders are: Hospitals department, Nursing Department, Primary Healthcare Department, Nutrition Department
– References (WHO, CDC, different reliable organizations, Ministry of Health, Cleveland, Mayoclinic, Research, etc..)

Attached are examples that can be followed.

Please make sure that the paper is tailored to suit UAE community.