Sample Health Care Paper on Interdisciplinary Teamwork, Multidisciplinary Departments, & Safety

Week 10 Topic Options: Select a Topic – Option 1, 2, or 3, then choose at least two content areas for your discussion. Example: Topic 1 – Interdisciplinary Teamwork, Multidisciplinary Departments & Quality Outcomes – you decide to discuss the Care Planning Processes, Care Coordination, and Person-Centered care.

Clearly State the Topic and Options You Selected at the Top of Your Initial Posting:

Topic Option 1 – Interdisciplinary Teamwork, Multidisciplinary Departments & Quality Outcomes: Home Health IDT Teams, SNF IDT Team Roles, Care Planning Processes, Care Coordination, Community Service Integration, and Person-Centered Care.

Topic Option 2 – Interdisciplinary Teamwork, Multidisciplinary Departments, & Safety: LTC Setting and Service Specific Challenges, Culture of Safety within Organizations, Communication Methods, and IDT Team Methods for Sustaining a Safe Environments in Various LTC Settings and Services.

Topic Option 3 – Interdisciplinary Teamwork, Multidisciplinary Departments & LTC Specific Needs: Palliative Care Approaches, End-of-Life Care Teamwork, Specific Team Skills, Purpose of Restorative Care, and Holistic Care Delivery Processes.


Lessons Learned Posting :You will share the information that you learned from your course readings, your peers, faculty and additional research related to the topic of your interest. Assess how your initial understanding of the topic differs from your present views. Define the lessons (minimum 1) learned and the outstanding questions (minimum 1) that you still may have had on the topic.