Sample Health Care Paper on integration of critical leadership prerogatives and management tools

The strategic plan will be based on students’ (1) learning throughout the program; (2) application experiences; (3) integration of critical leadership prerogatives and management tools; (4) assessment of the healthcare organization in the broader economic and policy environment; (5) analysis of the value of the organization’s resources as compared to the competition; (6) identification of alternatives that hold the potential for solving the strategic problem facing the organization; and (7) selection of the alternative that will best
leverage the healthcare organization’s core competencies to ensure sustainability.

Develop a summary statement for your strategic plan (overall purpose and scope). Identify three to six goals around which your strategic plan will be constructed. Include the following: a rationale for the goals, the relationship of the goals to the mission, vision, institutional culture, capacity of the organization (or the SBU), and an overview of the factors that need to be examined and metrics to be employed in order to move forward with the development of the plan.

The paper should be between 5-7 pages. At least three resources should be consulted and properly referenced. Grading criteria and paper formatting are discussed in the Course Information module.