Sample Health Care Paper on Global Public Health

Assessment Schedule

Essay – part A (1,500 words)

Business proposal – part B (1,000 words)

Part A and B will be submitted as one file via Turnitin by the due date by 11.30pm.

Assessment Details

Students will be required to:

Choose one of these major global public health issues with leadership and management ramifications for public health organisations (public or private sector) – Brain drain of medical doctors from low- and middle-income settings, uptake of a newly introduced vaccine, tackling obesity at a policy level, social marketing of essential public health commodities. Prepare a conceptual paper that describes the problem and addresses it based on evidence-based, managerial and entrepreneurial approaches, as applicable.

Prepare a proposal that provides a critical analysis of the context and background to a public health issue, including previous attempts at resolution or improvement. The proposal should include a set of evidence-based recommendations to solve the problem consistent with the analysis and incorporate all relevant component parts.

Type of assessment: Essay