Sample Health Care Paper on Evaluating and Scoring a Student’s Paper

Evaluating and Scoring a Student’s Paper

            I found the final paper quite informative. The introductory paragraph was well written with interesting statistics on the cost of healthcare associated infections (HCAIs).  The first sentence grabbed my attention with well-thought questions. However, it was overdone with too many questions. I therefore gave it a score of 3. The thesis was not clear as the writer gave all main points but fell short when it comes to clearly stating the position on HCAIs. I gave the thesis a score of 2.

            The writer clearly focused on three main ideas with the added bonus of opposing views. The first idea focused on the importance of hand washing in relation to preventing HCAIs. The writer then sought to link isolation of patients and reducing the rate of HCAIs. The third topic focused on how equipment handling can help in reducing such infections. The paper also focused on hand rubbing with alcohol as opposed to hand washing with antiseptics as a means of preventing HCAIs. I gave this section a 4 due to clarity and use of well-referenced facts.  

            I gave the example section of the paper a score of 4 because it was well-written and incorporated numerous peer-reviewed references in addition to other references. For well-sequenced arguments and support, I gave the author a 4. The ideas followed a logical order and allowed me to follow the train of thoughts. The writing mechanics portion had a score of 3 due to some grammatical and word and phrase choice errors.     

Arguments and support, which I gave a 4, are provided in a logical order that makes it easy and interesting to follow the author’s train of thought. Though clearly written and followed writing conventions, it had minor grammatical errors. However, they did not affect the overall flow of ideas in the paper and therefore earned a score of 3. I scored the closing paragraphs of this paper a 3 because the writer summarized the body but failed to effectively restate the position. I gave this paper an overall score of 23 based on these issues outlined.