Sample Health Care Paper on Establishing Context With Urgent Care Centers

Read Case 6.1 in your textbook and reflect on your own experience with urgent care centers, or interview a friend or family member about their experience. Address the following questions:

Based on their market research, did the entrepreneurs find that the urgent care center model would appeal to the general population or that some segments of the population would find it more attractive than others?
What was the profile of the customers most likely to use the urgent care center?
How did knowledge of the characteristics of the best prospects contribute to an effective marketing campaign?
Based on external research (a quick literature search) and drawing upon your own experiences or the experiences of a family member or friend, what are the key success factors for urgent care centers?
Based on the key success factors you have identified, determine one objective for marketing the urgent care center. State the objective as a SMART objective.
Use examples from the case and references from other scholarly resources to support your responses.