Sample Health Care Paper on Effects of Covid-19

Sample Health Care Paper on Effects of Covid-19

Since the break-out of this infectious disease Covid -19, there has been dramatic loss of human life worldwide. There has also been poor economic growth and this has caused many countries globally to increase the livelihood of their citizens to balance the economy hence a good percentage of people are not able to take care of themselves and their families (Haleem, Abid, Mohd Javaid, and Raju Vaishya 78).

Covid-19 has led to lose of jobs and businesses due to lockdown and curfews so as to control the spread of covid-19 (Donthu, Naveen, and Anders Gustafsson 285). It  also affected the social life of people as majority avoided face to face communication and resorted to social media to communicate.

Covid -19 pandemic has gradually affected the food system worldwide as many countries closed their borders and restrictions were also made to control trade in different countries so as to curb the spread of the infectious disease thus reducing access to healthy and safe food. There has also been increase in gender-based violence among children and women in the society (Akat, Muhammed, and Kasım Karatas13). Many teenagers are now mothers and are struggling with both school and taking care of their babies at an early age




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