Sample Health Care Paper on Current State of Quality Management

Current State of Quality Management

In the wake of technology development, medical science has considerably changed the delivery of healthcare services to patients. The healthcare system has performed below acceptable levels in addressing patients’ needs, safety of care, efficiency of the system, and quality improvement. Christian healthcare administrators should make quality and performance improvement perfect to address patients’ needs, guarantee provision of high-quality care, and enhance patient’s satisfaction.

I agree that quality and performance improvement should be perfect to enhance service delivery, enhance patients’ satisfaction, and improve the efficiency of healthcare systems. According to Sadeghi, Barzi, Mikhail and Shabot, M. (2013, p. 94), the quality and safety of healthcare service a healthcare organization offer to its patients is benchmark for quality and performance improvement. The intention of healthcare providers is to provide high-quality services to its patients. The bible also supports the provision of high-quality services to the sick as referenced in Jeremiah 8:22 and 46:11 in which “balm in Gilead” is mentioned. The “balm” is considered one of the high-quality ointments embodied with healing properties used to cure the sick.

Health administrators should design and support healthcare systems that incorporate all nursing processes. Sadeghi, Barzi, Mikhail and Shabot, M. (2013, p. 102) opines that the hospital and healthcare systems are complex and accommodates varied professionals playing defined roles in providing quality care to patients. Therefore, when designing quality and performance improvement system, health administrators should perfectly link the inputs, process, and outcomes in a manner that it addresses the specific needs of patients and healthcare systems. By ensuring that quality and performance improvement initiatives are perfect, administrators can focus on patient needs and expectations. The focus of ideal healthcare systems is to enhance patient safety while in hospitals and improve access to support services. Thus, the mentioned services works to enhance a patient’s satisfaction with the level of services provided in hospitals.

The main goal of quality and performance improvement is to deliver high-quality services and enhance patients’ satisfaction. Ideal quality and performance improvement systems pursued by Christian health administrators can integrate subsystems of healthcare system into one and address patients’ needs and expectation to deliver high-quality and safe care.



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