Sample Health Care Paper on A Reflective Essay On Code Of Ethics And Values Of A Social Worker

A Reflective Essay On Code Of Ethics And Values Of A Social Worker


A social worker advocates for the disadvantaged individuals, groups and family by serving as a voice of justice. By following the code of ethics and values set by the National Association of Social workers, a social worker is able offer healthcare help to the vulnerable group. Reamer (1998), the social core values include service, integrity, social justice, competence, the importance of human relationship, dignity and worth of client. One on one working skills are also important for a social worker when handling vulnerable groups in society or their care providers for effective communication. Having a successful communication will help in understanding people and situations better thereby problem solving and creation of new ideas. A social worker should possess several skills while assessing a client. These communication skills include verbal communication, non-verbal communication, active listening, self –awareness, empathy and personal learning. Lack of efficiency in communication between social workers and clients can lead to severe consequences. This essay reflects on a case study involving an adult social worker and a family member of a client. The paper analyses communication skills possessed by the social worker (leone,27 years) and her code of ethics while handling the care provider (Humerah ,52 years). Leone assesses Humerah who provides care to an old father who is suffering from dementia.

Effective communication skills in social work

Social worker must exhibit various skills whilst handling a client. Verbal communication is an important skill for a social worker as it includes interviewing and listening skills. Barriers may arise where a social worker does not understand a situation well leading to shame and fear on the part of a client. In scenario two, Leone was not well conversed with Humerah’s dad situation hence this created fear on Humerah making her not to want to talk about the situation. Leone did most of the talking hence there was no unity in communication between them hence the power of decision making solely lay on Leone. Non -verbal skills forms a major part of verbal communication. This is through decoding and encoding. A social worker should be aware of their capability of these. Leone did not observe her body gesture while interviewing Humerah. She viewed her watch every time hence being impatient. Another skill for a social worker is active listening. The social worker should be present emotionally, psychologically, physically and socially. Leone was checking her short notes most of the interview and also used closed ended questions hence making Humerah feel misunderstood. Lastly a social worker must show empathy towards a client. Leone did not understand how Humerah felt about her dad’s condition in hospital.

Trainings should be adopted to impart new social workers with the required skills in dealing with care providers and clients. social workers should ensure they have humble time with a client to assess all the required help and prevent making prejudiced judgment due to lack of complete information. The social care services should provide complete medical report to care providers so as to ensure the process is smooth and there is no resistance.

Ethics and values in social work

Social workers have an obligation to conduct themselves ethically and to engage in ethical decision making. Bank (2016), the primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well-being and help meet the basic human needs of all people in particular the vulnerable. These core values include service, social justice, dignity and worth of a person, importance of human relationships, integrity and competence. Social workers’ primary goal is to help people in need and address social problems. Leone was delegated by the social work department to address Humerah’s problems. social workers respect the inherent dignity and worth of a person. Once Leone was requested not to sit on Humerah’s dad seat she respected her and sat on another seat. Social worker should recognize the importance of human relationship as it spearheads the process of solving social problems. Leone wanted to establish the relationship between Humerah and her dad so as to make the right decision. Leone was honest about Humerah’s dad condition and the situation of the health facility which is in accordance to the dignity value of social workers. Social workers should also follow professional standards while handling a client. They should promote the rights, strength and wellbeing of people, family and communities. Social worker should be competent in their service delivery. Leone was not competent enough in her work as she was new to her team and was not aware of her client’s condition.

Strength and weaknesses of the interplay

The case study establishes the code of ethics and communication skills between a professional and a care provider. The social worker observes some of the standards such as acting safely, respectively and upholding integrity. She is honest about her client’s condition and also protects the image of her organization. She is concerned about the relationship between her client and his daughter so as to make an informed decision. Despite this, the social worker was impatient and did not practice active listening. Leone did not inform Humerah of her power in decision making hence failed to have a consent. More so, the social service care did not give the care provider complete medical information on the patient hence no full access to information and confidentiality of information. The social worker being new in her profession should have done checkup on the patient to have complete information before paying visit to the care provider. This would have improved the relationship between Leone and the care provider hence building trust and confidence in the social service.


This essay analyses the one on one working skills between a social worker professional and care. Social worker should possess good communication skills for effective social service delivery. Poor communication may lead to poor service delivery and hence harm and lack of proper care to the vulnerable. A social worker should conduct themselves in an ethical manner to avoid conflict of interest between the individual and the organization goal.





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