Sample Health Care Essay Paper on Socioeconomic Factors and Quality Care

Health insurance is a form of financing an individual’s health care expenditure either by the employer or a medical insurance organization. Whereas the majority of the personnel are entitled to private health insurance, others receive the benefit based on programs initiated by the U.S authority (Barnett, Jessica and Marina 1). Consequently, lack of insurance cover by other people can be attributed to various socioeconomic factors like income level. Therefore, this paper extrapolates how socioeconomic elements enhance a gap in the provision of quality care and access to health care in New Jersey. 

Impact of Socioeconomic Elements on Provision of Quality Care in New Jersey

Based on Kaiser Family Foundation report, the data shows that individuals with no insurance cover in New Jersey is at 8% and this can be attributed to the socioeconomic factors affecting this populace. For instance, poverty makes it cumbersome to obtain health insurance and affordable care since lack of transportation and longer working hours impedes the ability to contact primary care doctors and available health facilities. Additionally, most of the regions occupied by these persons have fewer medical providers, hence, affects the availability of improved care in the areas (Hams and Josh 4). Nevertheless, ethnic disparities play a role in attaining eminence medication since people of color are relegated to low paying jobs, thus, are unable to receive and pay for the health insurance premiums.


Health insurance cover helps to provide quality care at an affordable price, hence, is considered critical in promoting improved medication among individuals. However, in New Jersey 8% of the populace have no insurance cover, thus, affects their ability to receive quality Medicare. Notably, socioeconomic elements such as poverty and racial disparities play a role in prohibiting these people from accessing quality care and healthcare services.

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