Sample Health Care Essay Paper on Health Educator Interview

Recently I interacted with a health professional to get her opinion on issues of health education. At our meeting, she looked reserved but upbeat. I couldn’t help noticing she had a silent demeanor. She would inform me that she was Hashmiah Alawami and worked at John Hopkins Aramco Health care services. She gave a brief overview of her education indicating she studied Bachelor of Science in Health Education and promotion and minored in Surgical instruments specialist. She intimated how she kicked off her career as a health instructor at the same institution before moving to Faculty instructor and instrument preceptor. This she said with a smile seemingly proud of her steady career progress.

She gave us a sneak peek of her major roles at the institution, giving us the picture of an ambitious professional committed to her job and keen to see knowledge and practical skills rubbed into her students. Our assessment indicated that apart from normal practice she educated her colleagues on proper nutritional regimens.

In such a profession it is expected that one’s schedule is fully booked but this professional is as organized as she is diligent. She indicates that she is tied to routine; if not delivering lectures to students she’s at the laboratory preparing surgical paraphernalia.

To better the health education sector, she chuckled, more like that was her favorite bit and what she was anticipating. She indicated with confidence that the systemic provision of an educational experience that prepares the student to have excellent communication skills, and dedication of more time and resources towards research and Balkanizing knowledge about health topics would improve in Health education teaching. As we came to the end of our one-on-one I sneaked in a rather mischievous question to which she blushed and told me that she suffers from momentary stage fright that made it challenging for her to speak at public events. She however gets over it pretty fast and gets down to business.

 Before she treaded back to her tools, she indicated that fundamentally promotion of health dictates technological platforms and social media that guaranteed large consistent audiences had eased proper dieting and physical education outreach to target audiences.