Sample Health Care Essay Summary on Reduce the Number of People With Disabilities Living in Congregate Care Residences

Reduce the Number of People With Disabilities Living in Congregate Care Residences

Adoption Assistance and Child Welfare Act was enacted in 1980 and aimed at the reduction of children and youths with disabilities placed outside their homes. This would give the disabled an opportunity for family integration and also enable the families to care for and support disabled children. In addition to this, the initiative helped to reduce the risks linked to outside placement of the disabled. Such risks included lack of inherent social, cultural and developmental aspects of life. Through this, government agencies concerned with operation and development of collaborative residences realized cost reductions as a result of reduced work load.

One of the programs that the state developmental disabilities program developed involved supporting families with disabled youth and children with incentives. Such incentives included supplemental income. Education programs which suit the needs of the disabled were also improvised in their locations at no cost. The programs were also mindful of special needs and efficient. The strategies used include developmental disability service delivery system which targets establishment and identification of children with disabilities. Families are to benefit from such strategies as they are expected to report all cases of disability to the government. Financial assistance is also given to parents with low income. As such, all families with disabled children are expected to benefit from these initiatives.


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