Sample Health Care Essay on Attaining Mental Health Weakly Action Plan

Attaining Mental Health Weakly Action Plan

Week 1-2

Visiting the health centre to know my health status. This will involve cancer screening, test for blood sugar, test for HIV status and the various diseases so as to know my health status and work on diseases that might be in my body of which I lack knowledge.

Week 3-4

Joining a gym for constant training so that I can keep fit and burn fats. This would also be effective in getting to know more people and increasing my social cycle. The gym is important in keeping a healthy lifestyle and also boosts an individual’s confidence because nice looks are enhanced. Furthermore, making more friends increases an individual’s attitude towards humanity and brings peace among people. I also plan to become a member of rugby or football to enhance my flexibility.

Week 5-6

Joining a religious organization to work towards having peace of mind. The church will be handy to assist in maintaining peace with myself. I know I do have different friends who I are important to me. I will not shun off any of my friends, but follow my principle to dictate my dos and don’ts when I am with them.

Week 7-8

Make peace with my classmates and friends in campus that I had earlier wronged. This is to give me the peace of mind that I do need to work towards attaining health and peace in campus.

Week 9-10

Work on controlling my drinking habits from today henceforth, not drinking too much. If things do not work out as planned, I will visit a counsellor to give me insight on control of drug and substance abuse.

Week 11-12

Work hard on my studies and ensure that I pass well by scoring high grades in the units that I am doing in campus this semester.