Sample Health Care Essay Summary on Accreditation of Public Health

Memo on accreditation

To: The Local Health Director

Subject: Accreditation of Public Health

Currently, the local authorities have the freedom of deciding whether to accredit public health facilities or not. Although this may be good for them, it is not good for the health organizations within the municipality. It is therefore my desire to bring to your attention to accredit public health facilities based on the pros and cons of the process. Accreditation of public health facilities will help those facilities to continuously improve their service quality; it will help health practitioners gain access to information needed for the evaluation of progress.

Apart from this, accreditation can also assist health organizations to standardize their practices in alignment with best health care practices. It will also help to meet the organizational standards set by the local authorities for service improvement. Other advantages associated with public health accreditation include measurement of accountability among the local authorities and in improving the trust that the public has in the local authorities. The members of the public will be able to give their responses on the public health services in the community thus enabling these responses to be used in designing improvements.

On the other hand, health accreditation would pose a challenge to the local authorities due to the need to streamline practices with the demands surrounding the accreditation process. Secondly, a thorough accreditation requires time and money. The last disadvantage is that failure to conduct the accreditation will potentially raise liability issues since it will be a mandatory requirement. Based on these findings, and comparison of the pros and cons of mandatory accreditation, I therefore recommend that the local authorities should establish a mandatory public health accreditation.

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