Sample Health Care Coursework Paper on Public Health Achievement

Public Health Achievement

The National Institute of Health’s article states that the commencement of the 21st century helped with the provision of a preview of the numerous challenges that the US would face in the coming decades. The article’s areas of focus that would help change the health of America’s population include the adoption of a population health approach that gives consideration to health determinants, the strengthening of the public health infrastructure of the government, the development of accountability systems to enable the assurance of the quality and availability of public health services, and others (Curry, 2005). Furthermore, the report suggests several findings that would help enhance America’s public health. For instance, the article suggests that appropriate education and training should be provided to the public health workforce if America’s public health is to undergo a significant evolution. Despite NIH article’s findings and commitment to change America’s public health, no significant efforts have been channeled towards the elimination of the health challenges faced by a huge percentage of America’s population. Essentially, America is yet to realize its goals of eliminating incessant health challenges. Today, in the US, the obesity rate has soared from 27.6% to 29.4% among adults (O’Donnell, 2014). The challenge is attributed to the lack of physical activities or exercises among adults, and this is contrary to the reports and findings included in the NIH report.

With the above perspectives in mind, it is irrefutable that the elimination of obesity among children and adults in the US will be the most important or significant public health achievement in the next 25 years. The realization of this objective depends on contributions from public health occupations. First, campaigns by key stakeholders in America’s public health sector against the consumption of inappropriate diets will contribute to the elimination of obesity, which is a great menace in America today. Besides, experts from the public health sector should encourage the participation of both children and adults in physical activities and exercises (O’Donnell, 2014) as this will be a landmark contribution to the elimination of the health challenge.

However, the fight against obesity and other health complications in America face serious challenges that must be overcome. According to NIH’s report, one of the factors jeopardizing America’s public health achievement is the inconsistency and outdated nature of public health law at every level of government (Curry, 2005). This challenge has led to the inefficiency and lack of coordination in the fight against obesity and other health complications in the US. Another challenge that needs to be overcome in the fight against America’s health complication is the lack of education and training among the public health workforce. On the other hand, the inefficient information networks in existence have compromised the fight against health problems (Curry, 2005), and these need to be overcome if the set goals and objectives are to be realized.

Every individual’s commitment is essential in the fight against health problems such as obesity, which are on the rise in America today.  A desired public health role that would make an impact on the overall health and health outcomes of the public in America is nursing (Turnock, 2015). Essentially, nurse practitioners are in a position to offer guidance and counseling services to members of the public regarding the appropriate diets and the need to participate in physical exercises (Turnock, 2015). With the availability and easier access to such services, it cannot be doubted that positive impacts will be made on the overall health and health outcomes of the public in America.


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