Sample Health Care Coursework Paper on Marketing for Healthcare

The Rural and Remote Paramedics healthcare organization has received national accolades for its Queensland Ambulance Service (QAS) that serve under the South West Local Ambulance Service Network (LASN). The healthcare organization provides specialized emergency pre-hospital care services to the rural and remote areas in Queensland, Australia. Additionally, QAS provides transportation services, plans and coordinates aeromedical services, and responds to multi-casualty disasters. As elucidated by Audi 33, the healthcare organization has 16 Local Ambulance Service Networks in operation with 95 ambulance centers.

Further, premised on the findings of a study by Devkota 62, QAS operates under the Department of Emergency Services of the healthcare organization and a component of the Department of Community Safety in Queensland. The role of the healthcare organization is duo-fold; improving the health status and the quality of community life in Queensland through delivery of specialized pre-hospital emergency care and elaborate transport services for the patients in the rural and remote areas. 

Skarratt 39 reports that by the close of 2014, QAS which has a staff of 4200 constituting of  Ambulance Attendants, Drivers, and Healthcare Responders had handled 950,000 cases, answered 185,000 triple zero calls, and realized 97% patient satisfaction rating. Additionally, the healthcare organization has three Helicopter Rescue bases, twelve educational centers, and thirty administration offices to enhance service delivery in Queensland’s rural and remote areas guided by principles of operational preparedness and giving fast response to emergence situations.

Primarily, the Rural and Remote Paramedics educational centers are aimed at preparing and equipping the Queensland society in minimizing the frequency and impact of emergencies in rural and remote areas of Queensland. Consequently, the healthcare organization has exhibited corporate responsibility in its service delivery and made contributions that have been socially responsible.

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