Sample Health Care Coursework Paper Summary on Key Components of the Affordable Health Care Act

Key Components of the Affordable Health Care Act

The Affordable Health Care Act aims at providing affordable and accessible healthcare to all citizens. The act reduces the burdens that would otherwise be carried by families in catering for the needs of the sick. Besides reducing the cost of medication, research also shows that the act improves productivity and improves the quality of healthcare and prevention of health complications among others. The first key component of the act is its provision of affordable healthcare to the citizens. This is achieved through its insurance cover which caters for the needs of the low income communities making it possible for them to access quality healthcare. Medicaid and the children’s welfare cover both works towards the same goal. A second goal associated with the act is that of providing quality healthcare. This is achieved through ensuring that the cost of healthcare is in line with expected quality. Efficiency is improved through informing patients of the available treatment options for each condition (Raks & Coffin, 2013).

Furthermore, the act aims at preventing chronic diseases through the creation and funding of an interagency council for the same. The healthcare practitioners are trained and motivated towards provision of quality healthcare services. The act also aims at providing innovative medical therapies. To achieve this, the act provides assistance and support for community living and also taxes expensive medical insurance covers. The last key component of the affordable care act is the Indian Health Improvement plan (Emmanuel, 2014). This plan provides for access to health insurance and quality healthcare services for American Indians and Alaskan natives. The Act further provides improvements on essential components that were previously in existence.



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