Sample Health Care Coursework Paper on Food and Safety Enforcement

Food and Safety Enforcement

The department of environmental health, County of Riverside is the agency responsible for the food inspections in the county. It is described as a full-service department with the main aim of protecting the people of riverside together with the environment in which they live. The department is driven with the mission of enhancing the quality of the citizens’ lives by implementing health programs that ensures public safety and health as well as that of the environment (Friis, 2012). The department is engaged in numerous programs that are aimed ensuring health environment for healthy people.

These programs range from inspections of food facilities to inspections of hazardous wastes in the county. The department has eight strategically placed offices in the county to enable them implement and respond to situations efficiently without the need of travelling long distances to cover the whole county. The department is equipped with well trained professional inspectors who are licensed and are involved in further education to enable them their licensure state

The department staffs are directly answerable to the county’s board of supervisors and to the citizens of the Riverside County. The management includes the three deputy directors and a Director. The current office holders are:

  1. Director: Steve Van Stockum
  2. Deputy Director, Finance and business operations: Dean Deines
  3. Deputy Director, District environmental services: Keith Jones
  4. Deputy Director, Environmental protection & Oversight: John Watkins

Some of the programs run by the department include the following:

  1. Regulation of land for manure application
  2. Public spas and swimming pools
  3. Food facilities and establishments
  4. Fly control
  5. Fly abatement
  6. Backflow prevention
  7. Bees
  8. Food handling
  9. Sewerage system among others

California Baptist University Alumni Commons

Video on the California Baptist University alumni commons dining shows some of the grades that the facility has scored in the food inspections that have been carried out in the past. It is a requirement that all food facilities post their grades in the open so that public could tell how their dining place ranks after inspection. The restaurant has ranked high and the records of its grades on the department’s website shows that it has maintained high level of cleanliness and safety measures as required by the inspecting agency (“Restaurant Grading”).

The video has however highlighted some of the areas that the restaurant seems to have failed to achieve. It may be argued that no food facility can score 100 percent, but scores awarded to the restaurants do not reflect the state of affairs in the facility at the time the video was taken (“Dirty Dining in the Coachella Valley”). The facility seems to have acquired more equipment and utensils with time that it has made it practically difficult to store them as they are supposed to.

Some are seen on the sink area when in fact they should be shelves or other appropriate places. The footage also shows that holding temperatures are at many times extreme; they tend to be too cold or too hot. Cleaning items and the person belongings of the staffs are not well kept. The facility should ensure that personal belongings have designated areas with enough rooms to accommodate all of them.

The walls and ceilings are not very clean and the staff members responsible for cleaning floors, ceilings and walls must do the cleaning more regularly as the people who come to eat their would leave the place dirtier than they found it when they leave. Walls of the back office and the sinks must be cleaned more regularly. The reports maybe lenient because of the fact that results are made public, but generally, the place needs more improvements to ensure high hygiene standards


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