Sample Health Care Case Study Paper on Improving Documentation: A study of dictated discharge summaries

  1. Is the presentation pleasing to look at, and is the text easy to read?

The presentation is pleasing to look at and the text easy to read. For example, it is broken down to easy- to- understand explanation parts as well as sentences.

  • Is the presentation set up logically?

The presentation is set up logically since it begins with the most basic information needed such as mission and vision statements for the Hospital HIM department.

  • Is each of the PI steps taken into account?

No. Some PI steps have not been taken into account. For example, the author does not offer clarity on some details required of the project such as time frame, budget, and uncertainties.

  • Are the steps in the process easy to read and understand?

The steps in the process are easy to read but quite difficult to understand. For example, on the customer requirements, the author fails to be precise on the time indicated for report production.

  • Are all the elements of a good mission statement present?

The elements of a good mission statement are present apart from the consideration of financial objectives.

  • Are all of the elements of a good vison statement present?

All the elements of a good vision statement are present. For example, the vision statement is future oriented, reflects the values of the organization, clarifies the organization’s direction as well as purpose, and insists on setting a standard for the organization.

  • Does the presentation identify the external and internal customers of the process?

Yes. The presentation identifies the external customers as the patients, hospital staff, payers, and the accredited bodies. The internal customers include the physicians.

  • Does the presentation identify the customers’ requirement? If so, how? If not, why not?

Yes. It identifies customers’ requirement such as accurate assignment of report and timely production of report.

  • Does the presentation display the team’s improvement process findings?

Yes. The presentation does display the team’s improvement process findings by use of a bar graph.

  1. Are the team’s recommendations based on the data the team collected? Are the recommendations sound? Are there other recommendations that the team did not identify?

The recommendations have their basis on the collected data. For example, the consideration of using penalties and cash incentives emanates from the survey question. The recommendations are sound considering the fact that the survey offered vital information.

The team did not identify recommendations for the information to be considered when rating the accuracy of the HIM Deficiency letters.