Sample Health Care Capstone Project on National Health Care System in America

National Health Care System in America

Through the intervention of President Obama, the first health reform has been accomplished in America in nearly 50 years. This is through the introduction of a multi-tiered system contrary to complaints by Canadian federal system that the health care system in the country is two tiered. Despite the conventional perception produced by the Healthcare law that the country has a two-tier system, the National Health Care System in America has incorporated health care services for the uninsured, making it a multi-tiered system (, 2013).

Because of the newest reforms, access to healthcare is now affordable for all people since the low income citizens can gain healthcare services subsidized by their employers through Medicare. Through the introduction of Obama Care, up to 40 million more Americans will be able to access healthcare funding from Medicaid. This is contrary to the present dependence on personal mandate and expectation of insurance. While this may be beneficial to Americans, it may also reduce the initiative to take up insurance.

In Canada, every province and territory implements a health plan. However, individuals are covered for a wide service range regardless of their geographical locations. The central government is expected to help in the implementation of Obama Care in Canada. The disparities between the regional and state healthcare systems are expected to worsen due to the introduction of the national healthcare program. With the new Medicaid program being implemented, all states will be required to sign in to the program (Garson, 2001). This implies that provision of healthcare insurance will have to depend on factors such as the ability to pay. The premiums selected will depend on age, health and income levels among other factors. Because of this, it will be cost effective hence is projected to be a major step in health reforms in the country.


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