Sample Health Care Argumentative Essay Summary on Abortion Arguments

Abortion Arguments

The decision about the termination of an unwanted pregnancy is a difficult one to make due to various reasons. Every woman with an unwanted pregnancy does not desire to make a regretful decision yet they also want to decide as soon as possible. This makes the decision making process stressful. It is important for people, particularly women desiring to have abortions to do so with full information hence the need for such abortion arguments like this. It is important that they be informed of the potential impacts of committing abortions before going through the process.

Various arguments are given pro and con abortion. Some claim it is important for women to be shown the pictures of fetuses in their wombs while others claim this would be harassment aimed at preventing the women from making the decision to terminate a pregnancy. Different states also have different laws regulating abortion practices. The proposals by abortion proponents to legalize abortion are often met with resistance from abortion opponents especially due to the personhood of the fetus (Gaefke 48).

While abortion proponents claim that the fetus has no life of its own and is thus not entitled to the right to life. On the other hand, abortion opponents allude to the personhood of the fetus claiming that because of its life, the fetus is a person and deserves the right to life. The question further rises on the course of action to take in case the life of the mother is threatened by the fetus. According to opponents, the claim to the right to life of the fetus makes it necessary to allow the mother to die instead of committing an abortion. The proponents claim this argument is not founded on the desire to conserve life through prevent ion of abortion.

Other issues have also a risen with regards to human rights in the subject of abortion. Human rights activists claim that the women have a right to choose whether to have an abortion or not and that the right to choose accommodates both wrong and right decisions. With regards to this argument, human rights activists claim that women are often subjected to the decisions of men regarding whether to keep a pregnancy or not (Porter 68-69). Moreover, the activists claim that just the same way men should not make the decision for women, the women also should be prevented from making the decision for the fetuses. This is because the fetuses are not lifeless and aborting affects them too.

Thomas Friedman posits that prolife actions are connected to the sanctity of life and that decision on whether to have an abortion should consider life more supreme than anything else. This implies that unless the life of the mother is in danger, there should be no abortion. Instead of encouraging women to abort due to lack of resource, pro-life activists recommend that the women should be provided with alternatives such as issuance of provisions and providing options for adoption as soon as the child is born (Friedman para. 3-7).

The discussion shows that the debate for the legalization of abortions is not warranted. This is because pro abortion activists only base their arguments on the claim that a fetus has no life of its own. It is therefore concluded that while leaving options for abortion open, the woman involved should be informed thoroughly of the impacts of their decisions. The decision to maintain or terminate a pregnancy should not be based on the woman’s feelings alone but should be considerate of the child’s father and the fetus too.

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