Sample Geology Research On Alternative Energy Versus Fossil Fuels

Homework Question on Alternative Energy Versus Fossil Fuels

Science is an ongoing and dynamic process. Scientific research and discovery are still occurring today, and in ways that are and will affect our everyday lives, potentially even altering the structure of our government, society, and/or culture as it does so. The purpose of this activity is to explore current research in the Earth sciences, and effectively communicate the research and its impact on you and on society as a whole. Instructions:

Choose a current Earth science topic that interests you, and has or will have relevance to your life. Some examples of the types of the topics you may want to choose: • sixth mass extinction event • Conservation vs. resource extraction • Alternative energy versus fossil fuels • Space exploration • Geologic hazards (volcanoes, earthquakes, landslides, floods) • Global climate change Length and Content:

• Your paper should be no more than two to four pages in length (NOT including your title page).

• The format is standard MLA using 1 inch margins, 12pt Times New Roman or Arial font, and double spaced.

• Papers must be typewritten! Handwritten papers will not be accepted.

• The Paper should follow the format below:  Cover page with your Paper Title, Name, Course section, and Date centered on the Page.

  1. Introduction this is a general introduction to your research topic o Purpose of your study the purpose behind your research ♣ for example: The purpose of this study is to explore alternative explanations for the landscape evolution on the surface of Mars. o Data this is where you will present the data that “backs up” your purpose. Be very careful not to plagiarize someone else’s idea. If you are presenting an idea that is not your own you must cite the source with an in text citation as follows: ♣ The surface of Mars is crosscut with channels that resemble fluvial channels on Earth (author, year).
  2. Discussion: this is the main body of your paper. this is where you will talk about the research and the thoughts that you have about the research, its implications, its impact on you, your community, and the planet. Make sure you discuss every MAJOR point that you present in your data, and tie those points together if possible. The discussion is where you can argue agreement or disagreement about the research. YOU MUST BACK UP YOUR TALKING POINTS! ♣ For example if author 1 states a certain point, and you and author 2 disagree with author 1, you can use that to your advantage to back up your disagreement with author 1.
  3. Conclusion: This is a brief summary of the main points that you talk about in your paper ,Works Cited/Resources: these are all references you reviewed and used (cited) in the production of your paper.


Homework Answer on Alternative Energy Versus Fossil Fuels


There are many debates across the globe today about the development and enhanced production of energy to meet the growing demand from other alternative sources. Traditionally, the three main types of alternative energy sources are solar, wind and moving water. Alternative energy means the energy produced other than the traditional way of burning fossil, coal, oil, and natural gas, which many nations have depended on.

These forms have supplied all human needs’ energy from heating in homes to electricity, use in automobiles and transportation. However, the main concern about fossil fuel is that it is nonrenewable and detrimental to the environment. This implies that its limited supply will one day be depleted and its environmental effects will be more hazardous. The purpose of this study is to explore the fossil fuel and alternative sources of energy and their implication in the future.

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According to the Energy Information Agency, the earliest affirmed fossil fuel deposits are from the Cambrian Period, around 500 million years ago (McLamb). This was back before the dinosaurs existed and was the time when major groups of animals began existing on the earth.