Sample Geology Questions Paper On Energy

Homework Question on Energy

  1. What is mountain top removal? What are the benefits and drawbacks of mountain top removal?
  2. What are the benefits and drawbacks of burning coal for power?
  3. What are the benefits & drawbacks of hydrofracking?
  4. How much of the U.S. power consumption comes from renewable resources? How much of the energy in Ohio is from renewable resources? Kentucky? Cincinnati? Northern Kentucky? Your community?
  5. How does solar energy work? What are the pros and cons of this resource?
  6. Why did the Deepwater Horizon well in the Gulf of Mexico explode in 2010? How was it cleaned? What are the effects of this spill today?
  7. What are tar sands? What are the pros of using this resource? What are the cons?
  8. What is the Keystone Pipeline? What are the pros? The cons?
  9. What energy company do I or my family use? How do they generate the power that I buy?

Homework Answer on Energy

Question One

Mountain top removal is a method of coal mining that includes removal of the surface of a hill, summit or mountain to access covered coal seams(Juliano).Its benefits are: it is cheaper for coal companies to use this method compared to other methods, reduces energy crises as it is a reliable source of energy and it is more efficient because it is safer and saves on time in comparison with traditional coal mining methods. On the other hand, the drawbacks are that it is an environmental hazard as it destroys the natural terrain, causes air pollution, and destroys land and sea animals’ habitats. The explosives used in mountaintop removal expose human beings to health hazards.

Question Two

Benefits of burning coal for power

  • Coal is easy to burn and produces high energy.
  • Coal energy is reliable and affordable.
  • Coal energy abundance has enabled construction of power stations around the world.

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Drawbacks of burning coal for power

  • Coal burning has contributed to global warming and climate change due to the massive carbon emissions.
  • It is not a renewable source of energy.
  • Coal burning is not environmental friendly as it has contributed to the depletion of natural habitats.