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Homework Question on Tornadoes

  • For this unit you will write a statement of the problem regarding the risk reduction project topic you chose.
  • Your paper should follow APA guidelines for citing and formatting of all resources. You should begin your paper with the proposal type and rationale for this choice. Your paper should be one to two pages in length
  • You do not need a cover page but should include a separate reference page.

Homework Answer on Tornadoes

Annotated Bibliography

Arlikatti, S., Michael, K. L., Carla, S. P., & Yang, Z. (2006). Risk Area Accuracy and Hurricane Evacuation Expectations of Coastal Residents. Environment and Behavior, 38(2), 226-47.

The authors utilized this study to examine the accuracy limits applied in responding to unexpected natural disasters such as hurricanes and tornados. They focused on residents residing within the coastal areas in Texas. They examined the residents’ abilities to locate their dwellings on area maps provided to them identifying regions likely to suffer from natural disasters. Thirty six percent were able to locate the risk areas correctly. Twenty eight percent were also able to identify their risk regions although they were off by one risk area.

The authors therefore asserted that, locating risk areas accurately indicates minimal correlations with residents’ demographic characteristics. It is however negatively correlated with the residents’ previous exposure and evacuation experiences. For example, risk areas likely to experience tornados often have little significance as they are uncorrelated with evacuation expectations. The previous experiences in responding to a tornado therefore determine the expected evacuation plans.

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Regional demographic characteristics also determine the extent of damages experienced after exposure to a tornado. This is because evacuation expectations related to age, previous hazard experience, length of coastal residence, and expected evacuation context determine physical and emotional injuries as well as financial loss suffered from the tornado. Thus, the residents are more likely to perform preparedness actions after the tornado such as having water, food, and a flashlight before the disaster occurs.