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  1. Explain the state of the ozone

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The atmosphere comprises of several layers including the troposphere and the stratosphere. The troposphere occupies the lower region approximately ten kilometers from the earth service. Next to the troposphere is the stratosphere extending from ten kilometers to around fifty kilometers. Around 90% of ozone is concentrated at the stratosphere, between 15 and 30 kilometers from the earth service(Hoffmann 46). Ozone is defined as a molecule comprising of three oxygen atoms found in the stratosphere.

It protects human beings from harmful ultraviolet radiation. Overexposure to the ultraviolet causes reduced crop production and disrupts the marine creatures amongst other detrimental effects threatening the human life. Radiation causes cataracts, skin cancer as well as weakening the immune system.Although ozone is a small fraction of the entire atmosphere, it is important for human life. Without the ozone layer, the intense of the sun’s ultraviolet radiation would destroy the earth’s service.

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Since it is highly reactive, ozone is toxic and also causes damage to human lungs as well as plant tissues (Hoffmann 51). This is the reason why ozone is used in sterilizing drinking water, removing odor, color bleaching, and decomposition of rubber. Luckily, the amount of ozone on the earth service is often very low to be noticed or observed. This paper explores the dynamics of ozone and compiles the various studies conducted by various scientists about ozone.Ozone molecules are created and destroyed constantly at any particular time within the stratosphere. Although it is possible to be formed in different ways, ozone molecules in the stratosphere are identical.