Sample Geology Essays On The Importance of legumes to human life

Homework Question on The Importance of legumes to human life

  1. Write a essay in which you describe the characteristics that make legumes important to humans.
  2. Include, after your essay, a recipe that uses that legume in the traditional manner of the plant’s region of origin.

Homework Answer on The Importance of legumes to human life

Legumes are very important in the daily operations of the environment. They help to complete the nitrogen cycle by converting the fry nitrogen in the air to absorbed nitrogen compounds. They therefore help other plants in the growth. Legumes are plants that have nitrogen-fixing bacteria in their root noodles. Apart from helping the other plants in growth and making food, legumes are also important to the life of human beings in several ways. These ways may include, source of food, that is, source of fiber and proteins. Some legumes are also used in the treatment of other diseases in human beings.

Legumes as source of food help in the provision of proteins to human beings. The green pleas, beans and the soya beans are some of the major source of pretentious legumes. They provide amino acids, which help to form the complex proteins that are used for growth in human beings. Other legumes such as the cowpeas, groundnuts help in provision of lipids in the diet of human beings. The white cotyledon of the groundnut has contents of lipids and natural oil. The outer layer of these legumes has testers, which act as source of roughages that prevents constipation after eating.

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The legumes that do not have protein content such as Mucuna pruriens has potential uses in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease and malaria vector Anopheles gambiae.  Legumes such as Castanospermum have been used for the cure and treatment of cancer and HIV opportunistic diseases. Castanospermum recipe is very simple, after the collection in the garden in India; it is washed and taken direct to the pot. It is then heat for 2-3 hours without any spices and served.