Sample Geology Essays On The Impact of Climate in Arizona

Homework Question on The Impact of Climate in Arizona

  1. Go to the Groundwater Network on the USGS web page (
  2. Research the impact of climate in Arizona discussing seasonal impacts on groundwater levels.
  3. Provide details about Phoenix area. note: half page is enough

Homework Answer on The Impact of Climate in Arizona

Impacts on Groundwater Levels

The climate in Arizona, located in the South West region of the U.S., has been varying, leading to seasonal changes in the environment. Over the years, climate change has taken a toll on the state of Arizona. The state has a large population of about fifty million residents. Additionally, there has been rapid population growth due to high fertility rates and a diversified economy that is able to create jobs for locals.

In Phoenix, there have been rapid increases in temperatures as a result climate change. High temperatures lead to rapid evaporation of water from rivers and other forms of surface water, leading to reduced stream flows. This, as a result, affects the levels of underground water since there are little amounts of water percolating into the ground. High temperatures have also negatively affected the Rocky Mountains and Sierra Nevada, which are major water catchment areas for Arizona.

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These enjoy more precipitation and have large amounts of snow, which provide sources of water. High temperatures have resulted in the melting of snow, which reduces the snowpack and produces springs of water, leading to reduction of stream flows.Reduced precipitation has also led to stress in water levels both underground and on the surface. Consequently, the flow on River Colorado has decreased significantly. Global warming has led to increasingly severe and more frequent droughts, thus leading to desertification, which has also contributed to underground water stress levels.