Sample Geology Essays On Surface Mining Impact on Biodiversity

Homework Question on Surface Mining Impact on Biodiversity

Paper description:

  • Review current practices of surface mining
  • Review the literature pertaining to environmental impact of surface mining
  • Outline how biodiversity is affected by surface mining
  • Offer potential mitigation efforts / recommendations for future studies.
  • All the sources must be journal articles that are published from 2000 and above.
  • NO grammar mistakes.
  • Each point must have a subtitle.
  • Each point must enhance the paper subject which is surface mining impact on biodiversity.
  • The paper should have graphs, pictures and tables, and they SHOULD have small descriptions under them.

Homework Answer on Surface Mining Impact on Biodiversity

The activities that relate to mining and smelting are of much vitality in both local and international levels. More specifically, the issues that relate to surface mining affect all countries in the world. As depicted in Figure 1, surface mining involves the removal of top soil, rock, and other material (overburden) covering a mineral deposit. Moreover, it involves removing the minerals and replacing the overburden afterwards (Aamodt, 2012).

In cases whereby the replacement of the overburden occurs improperly, or the overburden’s replacement does not occur the land becomes scarred. Moreover, the land becomes like a moonscape and it is not appropriate for re-vegetation of any kind whatsoever. Surface mining creates a pit in previously natural areas, destroys vegetation, and creates toxic wastes that pollute adjacent surface waters and underground aquifers (Ahern, Mullet, MacKay & Hamilton, 2011).

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The methods of surface mining enable the extraction of minerals and coal from narrow seams that cannot undergo a feasible mining activity by applying underground mining techniques. The features of surface mining cause many different forms of harm to the environment radically changing the existent landscapes, blocking streams, destroying habitats, and polluting.