Sample Geology Essays On Renewable Energy

Homework Question on Renewable Energy

  1. This assignment requires that you learn and utilize essential research skills. You will investigate ((renewable energy)) and then provide a full annotation for 3 separate sources relating to your topic.
  2. For each source/annotation you should ((SUMMARIZE)) the work, ((EVALUATE)) it and then relate it to your topic.
  3. Make sure to summarize and evaluate each source.

Homework Answer on Renewable Energy

Boyle, Godfrey. Renewable Energy: power for a Sustainable Future. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2004. Print.

This book provides an all-inclusive overview of renewable energy sources by examining the underlying principles that governs use of renewable sources and further examines their environmental impacts and forecasts. It is important to note that there is need to produce clean and sustainable energy since there is growing concern on environmental impacts of energy sources. The book provides in-depth discussions and detailed illustrations on renewal sources with an interdisciplinary approach covering social, economic and environmental issues raised by renewable energy. The book is therefore relevant to the topic of study as it will appeal strongly to readers and improve in appreciating multifaceted, captivating and increasingly fundamental issue.

Maczulak, Anne E. Renewable Energy: Sources and Methods. New York: Facts on File, 2010. Print.

The book provides an examination of current technologies in renewable energy which is a critical subject currently considering the consequences and impacts that energy sources inflict on environment. Moreover, the book provides explanation on remarkable diversity and breakthroughs that scientists have discovered in the field of renewable energy. There is existing relationship a technological perspective is needed which the book provides. The book is relevant to the topic since it contains pictures and illustrations that are quite essential for readers who seek information on issues that affect the environment.

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Craddock, David. Renewable Energy Made Easy: Free Energy from Solar, Wind, Hydropower, and Other Alternative Energy Sources. Ocala, Fla: Atlantic Pub. Group, 2008. Print.

This book provides an analysis and examination of different alternative sources of energy like solar, wind, water, biofuels, geothermal, ethanol and hydrogen energy sources and fuels. It also covers on environmental and social considerations in using above energy sources while highlighting current and future costs associated with these energy sources. It has been established that many countries have begun understanding the need of reducing reliance on non-renewable sources of energy due to their short and long term impacts they have on the environment.