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Homework Question on Mission-era Of Mexican California

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  1. I know that those of you raised in California studied the missions in grade school (4th grade?). Do you agree or disagree with McWilliams that California romanticizes its mission-era Spanish past?
  2. What was distinctive about the era of Mexican California (1821-1848)? Why wasn’t Mexico able to maintain control over Alta California?
  3.  Although Spain claimed California as a territory for almost three centuries, very few Spanish colonists settled here – the number of Spanish colonists was never much more than 5,000 people. What explains the limited settlement of “Alta California”?

Homework Answer on Mission-era Of Mexican California

Many critics have argued that California romanticizes its mission-era Spanish past, including McWilliams, and this is something I concur with. Those who studied the mission era will agree that the curriculum fails to portray the bad side of the mission era or waters down such discourse. Issues like the harsh treatment of Native Americans, the effect of foreign diseases on the local population, and the cultural bias of the missionaries are left out, leaving us with glorified images of missionaries who introduced novel technology, crops, and a religion that ultimately benefited the Native Americans.

The period running from 1821-1848 is one in which California was a colony of Mexico after Mexico took over from Spain on August 24 1821. The area had a small population which led it to be recognized as a territory. There were frequent friction between the governors sent from Mexico who had little knowledge of local conditions and this came to a head in 1836 with a revolt that brought a period of de facto self-rule.

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The lack of harmony and frequent friction between the Californios made it weak and easy to take Alto California especially since Mexico’s resources were concentrated towards the Mexican-American war. The Californios finally surrendered to the United States with the signing of the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo.