Sample Geology Essays On Inconvenient Truth

Homework Question on Inconvenient Truth

  • Watch the video then write compared and contrast with inconvenient truth.
  • This is the link for the video:

Homework Answer on Inconvenient Truth

The inconvenient truth and this discover documentary both try to show the extent to which global warming has affected the world. Both documentaries are geared toward sensitizing the public on what has been happening to the environment in the past couple of years. They do this by showing data and visuals on the changes witnessed on the icebergs. They claim this is a clear indicator of the transformations taking place that if not controlled will have catastrophic impact on planet earth.

Inconvenient truth mostly relied on graphs and data to support claims made by Al gore. Tom Brokaw relied mostly on visuals mostly taken in real time to show the effects. All these visuals support the information he tries to put across. He also relies on a scientists and geologists to further shed more light on the worrying trend being witnessed. This is different from Al Gore, who did not incorporate many interviews in his documentary.

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Inconvenient truth does not rely on expert opinions but mostly on the views of the presenter. In this case, the presenter uses the data collected to advance the notion of aggravating climate due to global warming. The data collected is not entirely supported, which raises issues of authenticity. This makes the documentary lacking an in-depth scholarly work that is necessary for any work that is based on scientific facts. Tom on the other hand takes the viewer through a journey of what has been happening.