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Homework Question on Improvements in Weather Services

  1. Improvements in Weather Services: How have technology and GPS advancements improved the real-time weather pilots can access to utilize in their flight operations decisions?
  • Here are the instructions for the paper Expectations and Requirements – Executive Summary An executive summary not to exceed two (2) pages of content, excluding the bibliography, cover page etc.
  • The summary is to be presented in a format appropriate to senior management and must be an in-depth synthesis of your topic.
  • The executive summary will be typed, single-spaced with space between paragraphs, with a maximum of 1-inch margins using 11-point Times New Roman font or similar.
  • You will be required to cite a minimum of four (4) scholarly or industry sources. A resources page citing all sources needs to be included in APA format.

Homework Answer on Improvements in Weather Services

Executive Summary

Technology and GPS advancements have improved the real-time weather that helps pilots in their flight operations decisions. Pilots are able to fly safely and manage their time well. The developments have also reduced the number of accidents and improved the quality of aircraft services.Honeywell Aerospace produced the latest wired weather service, which offers pilots consistent updated, on-board weather data. The service notifies pilots of possible dangerous weather along their flight path.

The pilots are able to obtain detailed,updated view of weather along the planned route of flight, which helps in organizing for weather-related diversions. The service saves time for pilots, minimizes the cost of fuel for airlines, and enhances passengers’ safety and comfort(“New Jeppesen Mobile FliteDeck VFR Version Includes Graphical Weather Forecast Data for Private Pilots,” 2015).NavAir product is a moving map that utilizes real-time GPS for steeringandflying plans.

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The product has electronic copies of terminal approach plates for pilots that indicate GPS positions and altitudes, hand-held computer or PDA systems, and electronic flight bags that substitute the voluminous guidance information on paper that pilots carry(Golden, 2008).D2 Bravo is a second-generation pilot watch from Garmin International Inc. that merges concrete functionality and developedplan to offer pilots and flightfans a quality GPS watch.