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Homework Question on Ground, Surface and Atmospheric Water

  1. Explain ground, surface and atmospheric water, and its importance with examples

Homework Answer on Ground, Surface and Atmospheric Water

Water is an essential element for the sustainability of human life. In this age of adverse climate change, the essentiality of water has only increased with continuous environmental degradation, highlighted by the many cases of water pollution. The earth’s ability to sustain life enabled on the foundation of the water readily available in the ground, the surface and the atmosphere. As highlighted above, water is contained in three different realms, in the surface, the ground and the atmosphere. Each type of water in this case serves different purposes and has diverse significances.

Also,depending on the location, either on the ground, surface or atmosphere, the water is usually in different forms. It is usually important to understand these different types of water and how each affect sustainability on earth together with the importance. As such, this paper will explore and explain surface, ground and atmospheric water while also explaining the importance of each utilizing examples.

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Ground water, contrary to the other forms, is located beneath the surface of the earth(Sophocleous 53). The most prime location of ground water is the fractures of rock formations and soil pore spaces. Ground water is normally contained at the water table or in aquifers below the surface, usually the depth at which the ground water can be accessed. Essentially, ground water flows from the surface and later naturally (wetlands, oases, springs and the like) or human activities, discharges back to the surface, forming a certain water cycle.