Sample Geology Essay Paper on Our Water Supply

Agricultural activities including irrigation relies mainly on fresh water sourced from underground sources. Over time population, growth has called for more food production and more demand for water for other purposes. Hence the need for fresh water has driven the demand for fresh water evidently in countries with high population like India have had high levels of water drilling to fulfill the emerging demands. It is worth noting the growing abstraction of water despite the source being unrenewable. Without controlled abstraction, the underground recharge capacity will be outdone by the abstraction.

 Worth noting is the amount of water lost through leakages which is an indication of poorly maintained water systems. The per-capita amount of fresh water used in toilets is even more than that use in bathrooms. From the illustration of the seven globally leading water consumers, it is clear that apart from their huge population underpinning their water consumption; industrialization also is driving factor. It is interesting to note the amount of water used in food production. More water is used in the production of meat of the sane quantity as vegetables.

Type of Local Winds.

Sea breeze take place during the day along the coast lines; due to radiation during the day land heats up and the air on it warm becomes less dense hence rising upwards, the space left is filled up by the cold air originating from the cold ocean. Contrarily the land breeze take place during the night when the ocean is warmer than the land. The warm air rising from the ocean is replaced by the cold air from the land. The two leads to a continuous circulation of wind.